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Your weekly MFL resources roundup (w/e Saturday 23 January)

Hi guys, hope you've all had a great week!

This week I'm including tweets from MFL teachers in the US as well as the UK so that I can share the very best tips from both sides of the Atlantic.

I've combined all tweets tagged #langchat with all tweets tagged #mfltwitterati, then ranked them all by the total number of retweets and likes over the past seven days.

Without much further ado, here are the top 10 tweets from the past week, provided by MFL teachers for MFL teachers!

10. Miss Muheim (@MissMuheim)

Kicking us off at number 10 this week is Miss Muheim, a secondary French & KS3 Spanish teacher who's originally from California. She's launched a blog, and her post below ("Tasks to inhibit the use of Google Translate in MFL") is a fab compendium of quick and easy translation tasks which render Google Translate semi-useless - something which is especially helpful now most of our students have access to Google Translate all day long!

9. Suzanne Graham (@SuzanneJaneGrah)

In at number 9 is Suzanne Graham, who has shared an absolutely FANTASTIC library of video resources in French. Included in this library is a fun clip from Pixar film Ratatouille (en version française) with both English subtitles and French super-titles (I guess?!). It also has YouTube links to the French version of MasterChef, which could be great listening practice for A-Level students. Overall, a fab resource for listening and reading simultaneously.

8. Bruno Gomes (@teacherworklife)

In at number 8 this week is Bruno Gomes, who's created interactive online versions of past papers for AQA French and Spanish (Reading and Listening) using Google Forms. A brilliant idea for the current climate, regardless of the exam board you're with!

7. S.Gravina (@simograv)

At number 7 this week is S. Gravina, an MFL teacher, curriculum leader for primary languages (Spanish, French and Italian), and co-author of The Language Gym! This week she shared a great set of sentence builder-based resources for Spanish on the topic "¿Qué comes para el desayuno / almuerzo / cena?". Free to download now!

6. Madame Massé FCCT (@madamemasse)

In at number 6 this week is Madame Massé, who's created a template for making countless writing-based lessons. All you have to do is change one key vocabulary item for your students to then incorporate into a range of sentence-writing drills. This could be used as a quick and easy starter for a whole class, or as an extension activity for early finishers!

5. Bill Langley (@welangley)

In at number 5 this week is Bill Langley. He's a teacher of Spanish and the moderator of the US MFL teachers' hashtag #langchat. He's shared a bunch of illustrated prompt slides below to encourage small talk and conversations in Spanish (based on the topic: "What did you do this morning?"). In the current climate, these could be used for all levels (and adapted to any other languages) while waiting for your students to join your lessons!

4. Meredith White (@PRHSSpanish)

In at number 4 this week is Meredith White from the US, who's a big fan of the tool EdPuzzle. This tool lets you assign video-based tasks and activities to your class (either recorded yourself, or linked from YouTube) and monitor student progress. This is great for all subjects but especially MFL, as students can watch target language videos and complete the activities at their own pace. You can even see who's watched which parts of the video (and for how long) - great for checking in on students who may be easily distracted. This week, Meredith shared the fact that you can now change a video after you've set it!

3. Dannielle Warren (@morganmfl)

In at number 3 this week is Dannielle Warren, who's made a smart holding screen for her live lessons using the design tool Canva. If you haven't used Canva before, give it a go!

2. MrBCurrier (@MrBCurrier)

In at number 2 this week is Mr Currier, who's shared a really helpful keyboard shortcut for Windows that lets you split your screen into two quickly and easily. This will help you keep on top of two things at once (at least...!) much more easily.

1. Meredith White 💫 (@PRHSspanish)

And in at number 1 this week is Meredith White (again!), who's discovered a great way to assign a specific language to a specific app on your iPhone. As you can see below, she's set her Bitmoji app to Spanish, so now all of her Bitmojis appear in her TL for teaching!

So there we have it! Whether you've shared any ideas this week, or will be sharing these with your team next week, thank you for being part of this week's MFLTop10.

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Wishing you all a fab weekend, and hope you have a fantastic week ahead!


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