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Aaaand finally / third time's a charm / enter your own number-based cliché here..!

After the wonderful responses to the AQA French and German Vocab Spreadsheets, I have now scraped all of the vocabulary from the AQA Spanish GCSE syllabus.

Feel free to download / filter / copy and paste chunks of vocab from this list to create your own Quizlet decks, Kahoot quizzes and/or starter activities (especially for year 11).

However - a special shout out to Sabine Pichaud from the MFL department at Swavesey Village College. After I shared the French and German vocab spreadsheets, she imported them into Flippity and made some (pretty frankly) awesome randomisers for use in class. Click on her tweet below to check them out!

The Spanish spreadsheet was actually easier to make than the other two languages. Partly because I'd got my process nailed: import the PDF, run a Python script to rip the text, and then match up the corresponding Spanish and English sections on Google Sheets.

As always, if you don't teach Spanish (or, rather, you don't teach Spanish yet!), please make sure to share this with the Spanish teachers in your department, and of course any PGCE trainees or NQTs that you may be mentoring during this mad year.

Without much further ado, here are the links to the AQA GCSE vocabulary spreadsheets:

Spanish: AQA Spanish Vocab Spreadsheet

French: AQA French Vocab Spreadsheet

German: AQA German Vocab Spreadsheet

Thanks again folks, and enjoy!


PS. Please feel free to get in touch if you come up with any of your own awesome suggestions or uses for these docs and I'll share the links to your ideas, too!

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