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Firstly, thank you so much for all the fantastic comments on my first blog post and the AQA German Vocab Spreadsheet! I hope you found it Excel-lent (so sorry...)

Putting a blog out there is a weirdly vulnerable thing to do... imposter syndrome is real and it likes to rear its head pretty quickly...! However, the positive response to the post and the fact people could make use of the German Vocab Spreadsheet straight away was really encouraging and lovely to hear. Especially during this mad year. So thank you!

I ripped the German Vocab Spreadsheet manually (read: very slowly), but this time I thought there must be a faster way to do this... so I used a Python script to strip all the text from the vocab pages of the AQA PDF. It turns out that PDFs are an absolute nightmare to do this kind of stuff with... but you live and learn! Anyway, by doing this, I managed to successfully automate all the copying and pasting, so all I had to do was match up the vocabulary in the correct chunks in Google Slides. So it wasn't too bad with a coffee to hand!

AQA French Vocab Spreadsheet

So, as promised, here is the French Vocab Spreadsheet. This is a sortable / editable list with all the items from the most recent AQA French syllabus, which you can play with however you like. Feel free to make Kahoot quizzes, Quizlet flashcards or lesson starter slides - or just print off some lists for your students to study independently or in pairs and tick off when they've revised them. If you think of some other awesome uses, please let me know and I'll share them on here too!

Here is the AQA German Vocab Spreadsheet (from the other day):

AQA German Vocab Spreadsheet

And here is today's AQA French Vocab Spreadsheet (NEW):

AQA French Vocab Spreadsheet

Thanks again everyone, and enjoy!


PS. If French isn't your teaching language, please feel free to share this resource with the other teachers in your MFL department. The Spanish one will be here very soon, too!

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