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Decorate your classroom with this free GCSE French calendar!

With only a week until the school holidays, I've made something fun for you to print and decorate your class (and staffroom) walls with: a French language calendar!

All of the months and days are in French, and there's even a word-of-the-day (taken from the AQA GCSE French syllabus) which will help your students study and revise all year.

One of the 12 GCSE topics is covered each month, and the topic's easiest vocabulary is at the start of the month (ranked by how similar the French and English are).

Download your GCSE French word-a-day 2021 calendar here!

💾 GCSE French Word-A-Day Calendar 2021

Why not send this to your classes, too? Your students can print their own calendars at home and get into the good habit of practising their French vocabulary every day.

Email this page to yourself by clicking on the envelope:

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Thank you so much for reading, and I hope everyone has a great final week of term!


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