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7. Swavesey MFL (@mfl_swavesey)

Kicking us off at number 7 is the MFL department from Swavesey Village College. The department recently presented a TiLT (Technology in Language Teaching) webinar, and received a great deal of praise from the community online! Following this, they have shared two GCSE lessons on charities and sports, incorporating TeachVid and Flippity activities.

Links: French (2 lessons)

6. S.Gravina (@simograv)

At number 6 is S. Gravina! She's shared a Valentine's Day lesson called "Al restaurante". It's based on the topic of ordering food and drink from / at a restaurant in Spanish. It contains two sentence builders, activities from WordWall, Quizlet and Blooket, and a menu design task. If you've already studied Valentine's Day with your groups this year, why not download and keep these slides handy for next February?

Links: Spanish (1 lesson)

5. Miss Garcia (@missgarciamfl1)

In at number 5 is Miss Garcia, who's uploaded 12 whole lessons on the topic of school for Spanish year 8. Each of the lessons follows Conti’s and Viñales’ research-based ideas, focusing on an individual sentence builder, and including vocab-flooding, skills, grammar and production activities, and lastly feedback, retrieval and expansion.

Links: Spanish (12 lessons)

4. Natasha Faroogh (@natasha_faroogh)

In at number 4 is Natasha Faroogh. She's shared some great lesson plans and teaching resources focusing on Black Lives Matter, anti-racism, and the environmental, economic and health impacts of the movement. They're A-Level lessons, but you could certainly try using them to challenge your grade 9 students!

Links: French (7 lessons)

3. Pippa (@MrsWardMFL)

In at number 3 is Pippa Ward, who's shared a whole half-term's worth of activities for French! However, she also shared an awesome 109-slide presentation containing MFL activity templates which can be used for any language you teach! The templates cover starter activities, modelling and vocab activities, receptive processing activities, structured production activities and, last but not least, expansion and autonomy activities. Thank you!

Links: French

2. Bruno Gomes (@teacherworklife)

In yet another amazing demonstration of the amount of goodwill there is among the MFL community, Bruno Gomes - the author of Teacher Workload: How to Master It and Get Your Life Back - has shared ALL of his Spanish lessons online - from year 6 right up to year 13! If you appreciate Bruno's offer, his book is currently available for £7.95 in paperback or £5.95 for Kindle. Why not say thank you by buying a copy for the department? (P.S. There's no favouritism or sponsorship here, just a very fair and valid plug for his book!)

Links: Spanish (154 lessons)

1. Sophie Bowers (@MissBowersMFL)

And in at number 1 is Sophie Bowers. On behalf of the whole team at the Greenshaw Learning Trust, she has shared an absolutely fantastic FULL curriculum of video lessons for French and Spanish, from year 7 right through to year 11. This is an unbelievably generous and helpful resource for everyone in the MFL community. A big thank you to everyone at the Greenshaw Learning Trust for your kindness. These lessons used to be hosted on YouTube, but are now all hosted directly on the Greenshaw Learning Trust website. I've put some quick links to the year groups below, to help you get there faster!

Links: French (350 lessons)

Links: Spanish (364 lessons)

BONUS! Oak National Academy (@OakNational)

Don't forget the Oak National Academy - the online classroom created as a rapid response to the coronavirus outbreak last year - which currently provides hundreds of French, German and Spanish lessons online for free! What's more, they just announced that all their resources are now available DATA-FREE on nearly every mobile provider in the UK. This is fantastic news for any students who may be falling behind as a result of internet- or connectivity-related issues at home. Give it a whirl!

Links: French (349 lessons)

Links: German (344 lessons)

Links: Spanish (342 lessons)

So there we have it! Thank you as ever to all the wonderful teachers for sharing their ideas, and good luck implementing these ideas with your students.

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- Blaine

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