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Gender-inclusive language, Valentine's Day and Black Lives Matter all make it into this week's MFLTop10 for teachers. Find out how below!

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10. MrBCurrier (@MrBCurrier)

Points: 101

Kicking us off at number 10 this week - with 98 points - is MrBCurrier. He's been reading foreign-language editions of the undisputed book of the moment by Charlie Mackesy: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. It's currently warming the hearts of people of all ages, so MFL students could try these books to practise their reading skills, too!

9. Languages & Cultures at Lancaster University (@DeLCLancaster)

Points: 109

In at number 9 this week, with 109 points, is the Languages & Cultures Department from Lancaster University. They're holding a free webinar on 3 March: "Gender-inclusive language and what it means for the Languages classroom". It will cover French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese, and address questions such as: "What is inclusive language?", "Why does it matter?" and "how can it be incorporated into language teaching?"

8. S.Gravina (@simograv)

Points: 109

In at number 8 this week, with 109 points, is S.Gravina! She's shared a Valentine's Day lesson called "Al restaurante". It's based on the topic of ordering food and drink from / at a restaurant in Spanish. It contains two sentence builders, activities from WordWall, Quizlet and Blooket, and a menu design task. If you've already studied Valentine's Day with your groups this year, why not download and keep these slides handy for next February?

7. Meredith White (@PRHSspanish)

Points: 116

In at number 7 this week, with 116 points, is Meredith White. Meredith has shared some of her best (and instantly usable!) tips that can help MFL teachers take care of their mental and physical wellbeing. This has come at a great time for teachers in the UK as we enter the half-term holiday. Some great food for thought and reflection this week!

6. Miss Mullen MFL (@missmullenmfl)

Points: 135

In at number 6 this week, with 135 points, is Miss Mullen MFL. She's a secondary French, Spanish and Italian teacher in Cheshire. She's shared a PowerPoint from one of her year 11 classes this week using the one-slide-per-student remote learning method (so everyone can edit their own slide). Everyone was presented with a "good example" of a writing answer and asked to analyse, annotate and colour-code the language used in the passage!

5. Natasha Faroogh (@natasha_faroogh)

Points: 159

In at number 5 this week, with 159 points, is Natasha Faroogh. She's shared some great lesson plans and teaching resources from the ExperiencesCanada website focusing on Black Lives Matter, anti-racism, and the environmental, economic and health impacts of the movement. They're A-Level standard, but you could use them with grade 9 students.

4. Sophie (@MissCooperMFL)

Points: 217

In at number 4, with 217 points, is MissCooperMFL. Unfortunately, she's having to take it upon herself to find somewhere to do her PGCE long placement (French & Spanish) in the Greater Manchester area. Encouragingly, she's spoken directly to the MFL community. If you can help her, or connect her to anyone, that would be great. Power in numbers!

3. Ms McGagh (@msmcgaghmfl)

Points: 221

In at number 3 this week, with 221 points, is Ms McGagh, a PCGE student at Manchester Metropolitan University. Similarly, her university can't find her a place to do her long placement so she's calling upon the community to help her find a placement school in the Manchester area. She offers French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Can you help?

2. Miss Jones (@missjonespont)

Points: 338

In at number 2 this week, with 338 points, is Angharad Jones. She's a teacher in Pontllanfraith Primary School, and she has been studying Welsh at university. She recently posted: "I've been learning Welsh since September. I recorded myself to see the difference. What do you think?" I don't speak Welsh but, based on the volume of fantastic feedback from the online languages community, she's doing amazingly well. Well done!

1. @Myedtechbuddy founder (@Rangathetrainer)

Points: 408

And in at number 1 this week - with 408 points - is Daren White, founder of MyEdTechBuddy. He's probably given many of us a bit of a throwback this week by sharing a picture of a Coomber machine! His post also kicked off a discussion about other items of technology that have entered (and left!) the MFL classroom over the years. Thanks Daren!

So there we have it! Out of 1,192 MFL tweets this week, these were the top 10!

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Thank you for reading, enjoy your half term and see you again next week! 👋🏻


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