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There were 1,308 MFL tweets this week, but who made the top 10?

Game show templates, no-screen activities and exam paper booklets feature in this week's top 10 tweets (ranked by the number of likes and retweets!)

10. Meredith White (@PRHSSpanish)

Kicking us off at number 10 this week is Meredith White, who's been looking into celebrity backstories as a way of introducing past tense/present tense comparisons. A great idea for individual research projects, regardless of the language / level that you teach!

9. Elena Díaz (@TeacheryDiaz)

In at number 9 this week is Elena Díaz, creator of the "20 Keys"! Her method helps students focus their writing as she has distilled great language into the 20 most important elements. She's thanked everyone in the online MFL teaching community for their encouragement and kind messages of support this week, after she spoke at the Linguascope webinar.

8. Dannielle Warren (@morganmfl)

In at number 8 this week is Dannielle Warren, whose latest blog post contains troubleshooting tips for remote teaching (with a focus on live teaching via Teams). The post contains some great tips for continuous assessment throughout lessons - give it a read!

7. Adam Lamb (@senorcordero)

In at number 7 this week is Adam Lamb. He's shared some brill tips for reading and teaching literature at A Level. How do you keep your students motivated when they are confronted with a whole novel, and how do you keep your students engaged in the wider context? Adam draws upon his own experience in this blog post.

6. Meredith White (@PRHSSpanish)

In at number 6 this week is Meredith White who's proved that, with a bit of technology, anyone can invite US Senator Bernie Sanders to their school!

5. Miss Simpson (@MissSimpsonMFL)

At number 5 this week is Miss Simpson. She's come up with a new "no screen" activity for her classes. Students must choose some items of vocabulary (from a slide that you provide!), copy those onto sticky notes, stick them around the house, then take photos of them and share them at the end of the lesson. (For the inevitable "I haven't got any sticky notes" question, most students should be able to annotate photos on their phones, too!)

4. Meredith White (@PRHSSpanish)

In at number 4 this week is Meredith White. She's created her own BuzzFeed Community quiz to see if she and her students would be compatible housemates! You or your students could make your own BuzzFeed Community quizzes, or you could simply take the inspiration and do this as a lesson activity before uploading to BuzzFeed.

3. JeNoMFL (@JeNoMFL)

This is brilliant! In at number 3 this week is Jerome Nogues, who has discovered a free online tool that combines two wonderful things: the BBC Two Monday night quiz show "Only Connect" and GCSE MFL! Immediately playable, instantly fun, and it can be as easy as hard as you choose to make it! Great for revision purposes.

2. Chris R (@ChrisMFLTandL)

Chris has put together a bank of GCSE Spanish higher reading past papers! There is an exam question and vocabulary box on each page to help students with new language. Chris notes that the questions are all based on an "old-old spec", but they are still wonderful resources and should benefit students regardless of specification.

1. Pippa (@MrsWardMFL)

And in at number 1 this week is another great example of the "wall" game from Only Connect! For those who aren't fans of the Monday night quiz show on BBC Two, the instructions are included on the left and there is a countdown to make it more exciting. Contestants work in teams on the TV show, but this could easily be used individually. This game could be used with all levels, but it'd be especially helpful for exam revision!

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So there we have it! Whether you've shared any ideas this week, or will be sharing these with your team next week, thank you for being part of this week's MFLTop10!

Wishing you all an awesome weekend, and hope you have a great week ahead!


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