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MFL x Easter 2021, 90-word writing templates, mosaic translations, Innovative Language Pedagogy Report '21, GCSE MFL word lists and more.

Happy Friday!

Hope you've had a great week.

In today's MFL weekly:

  1. Deadline for language assistants

  2. MFL x Easter 2021

  3. 90-word writing templates

  4. Mosaic translations

  5. Creative PowerPoint templates

  6. Innovative Language Pedagogy Report 2021

  7. Downloadable: GCSE MFL word lists

  8. Joyeux lundi, mardi, mercredi...!

  9. Pre-COVID greeting WIN

Without further ado, let's jump straight in!


Deadline for language assistants

Applications for the British Council language assistantship programme 2021-22 will remain open for four more weeks and close on 30 April 2021 (to allow time to process visas).

To suit different budgets, schools can now apply for short posts (6 months) or long posts (8 months), and assistants can be shared between three partner schools, with one school leading on payment.

For more information on the British Council assistantships, click here.


MFL x Easter 2021

With Easter on the horizon, a number of MFL resources have been shared online!

  • For French, why not teach Pâques with these sentence builders and Flippity flashcards?

  • For Spanish, why not show your classes this 10-minute clip on Santa Semana. It's retro, but clear!

  • For German, why not read these Easter poems or make an Osterbaum to display in class?

And for KS2 (and lower KS3) more specifically:

  • You can watch Mr Innes' latest 2-minute cultural capital video about Easter in French-speaking countries.

  • You could also use Easter to teach colours and prepositions with a fun "Easter Egg Hunt" story (available in French, German and Spanish on Little Red Languages!)

Thank you to everyone for sharing their Easter resources this week. If you're breaking up for Easter today, why not bookmark them for next year!

📂 DOWNLOADS 90-word writing templates

The team at WeTeachMFL have produced a handy four-page template to help students plan and produce a 90-word writing question.

It even contains assessment criteria so that students can mark their work themselves.

To preview the four sheets, click here.

You can use these templates for your own inspiration, or you can pay to download the ready-made documents from the members' section of the WeTeachMFL website here.

💡 INSPIRATION Mosaic translations MFL teacher Charlotte Marie (@CharlTeacher) has shared a number of examples of her "mosaic translation" exercises this week.

She noted on Twitter that these tasks encourage her students to (a) reflect on & retrieve chunks of language whilst (b) thinking about word order and grammar.

All of the segments of the completed sentences need to be crossed off around the page.

This means mosaic translations also (helpfully) render Google Translate semi-useless!

🖥 APPS & SITES Creative PowerPoint templates

Without doubt, the most important part of our lessons is the content.

However, we can all appreciate creatively designed resources (whether we're 14 or 40) and beautiful resources have the potential to attract and engage our students' attention in class.

SlidesMania is run by Paula Martinez and offers free templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Just in time for Easter, here is a link to a SlidesMania template for spring.

🎓 PEDAGOGY Innovative Language Pedagogy Report 2021

The 2021 edition of the Innovative Language Pedagogy Report is out now.

It contains 22 research-backed articles on a wide range of MFL-related topics.

The topics include technology-facilitated oral homework, digital corpora, chatbots, virtual exchange, digital storytelling, gamification and even translanguaging.

Download the report to your Kindle / iPad / laptop for some thought-provoking reading over Easter.

🔁 ICYMI Downloadable: GCSE word lists

The full GCSE MFL word lists have always been freely available in PDF format.

However, to make them easier to use, I've extracted all of the items (and their respective categories) and put them into editable spreadsheets.

With these, you can now copy, paste, sort, filter, download and export any parts of these lists into your existing schemes of work or tools (e.g. Quizlet, Memrise, Anki...).

💪 MOTIVATION Joyeux lundi, mardi, mercredi...! The MFL department from Kirkintilloch High School shared the below image this week:

Why not print the image to remind your students to stay positive and celebrate every day of the week.

You'll be encouraging them to practise their days of the week in French while doing so, too!

You can find more of the illustrator's prints on her website and Instagram.

😂 AND FINALLY... Pre-COVID greeting WIN

Remember when we could shake hands?

Well, this teacher had an individual handshake for each one of her students.

Without wanting to sound like Buzzfeed, make sure you watch it til the last student.

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