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Think, Pair, Share: How many words can your students find?

This week I've created a wordcloud of all the vocab from the 2018 Spanish Reading paper (AQA Higher). The more a word appears on the paper, the bigger it is on the map!

As well as being useful for individual exam prep for this paper, it also works with whole classes (and there's nothing quite like competition to motivate students!)

Wordcloud Competition (low-prep, COVID-friendly!)

  1. Give students a set amount of time to find as many words as possible from the wordcloud (do in silence - no pens or writing yet)

  2. When the time's up, get students to work in pairs and share the words that they've found (still no pens or writing... and encourage students to do this quietly, or others will definitely try and cheat!)

  3. Lastly, get pairs to work in teams of four (either along the table row or with the pair behind). Teams nominate one person to write up the team's Spanish-English words into a combined list and, when the time's up, the team with the most items wins!

Any lesson planning benefits?

  1. The different word sizes support differentiation, as it's up to each student to decide how challenging they want to make the task for themselves.

  2. The repetition of the items at the different stages of the game will help with consolidation and recall (as will the element of discovery and surprise!)

  3. This specific wordcloud is based on one particular paper, something which may (or may not) prove useful to students who have mocks coming up, of course...

(High-quality download here: MFLDataBlog Wordcloud Spanish AQA RH18)

What about wordclouds of other papers?

If you'd like me to create a wordcloud for you for a different AQA paper (maybe you have a mock coming up that your students will need to revise for?!) drop me a message on the Contact page or on Twitter (@blainepike)!

Thanks so much and, as always, please do share this with the others in your department (and any of your PGCE students / NQTs), too!

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