• Blaine Pike

But here goes! Welcome to the start of an experiment. This blog will chart my continued analysis and experimentation of GCSE MFL language data, in order to make the subjects easier to learn for the students and easier to teach for the teachers (by which I mean quicker for everyone to make tangible progress...!)

As I go, I'll share what I learn on this blog so please do feel free to chip in with any comments or suggestions! You may think of something which I would never have thought of, so share and share alike!

I have now ripped ALL of the GCSE German vocabulary from the AQA syllabus onto a single spreadsheet, so please feel free to use this to quickly whip up flashcard sets (eg. on Quizlet) or to make games for your classes (eg. on Kahoot). Hopefully this will be a timesaver during these challenging times.

Here is the link to the Google Sheet: GCSE AQA German vocab list

Watch this space for lots more, including the French and Spanish versions.

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Thanks guys!


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